about inclusive

inclusive is a brand and launch agency. We assist our clients in growing their business and their brand value.

Our name tells quite a bit about who we are and how we work. We are inclusive - and thus use inclusion as a way of working: We try to break down silos and work in cross functional workshops. We do that in order to "brain-pick" - as you are the specialist -  to get a joint understanding, to engage and reach a solution everybody can understand and will support. In short: Alignment.

Most of our clients are Danish based companies working internationally. However we also serve customers based in Germany, UK, US and the Nordic countries, just as we service some Danish subsidiaries of international based clients.

We are based in Copenhagen, but work internationally and often join our clients on business trips for internal workshops, international conventions or workshops with their customers in the pursuit of doing an even better job.

Our employees are professionals having a background both from "real business world" and from the markting/agency world. Thereby we aim at bringing a better "real business" perspective into our counseling, our concept-work and the activities and materials we suggest.

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