Otometrics launched a new hearing aid fitting product named AURICAL. Inclusive delivered brochures and print ads for the launch campaign. Clik here to read more.
Inclusive has created templates for development of detail aid brochures and sales guide presentation for Ambu. Click here to learn more.
Inclusive developed a campaign for the instrument “MeatMaster II”. Read more about the collaboration with Foss here.
Ølfabrikken got their new logo, payoff and packing design. Read about the co-operation between Inclusive and Ølfabrikken.
One united direction was created for the 3 companies in the concern – Kemp & Lauritzen, L&H-Rørbyg and Glenco. Read more about this collaboration.
Inclusive developed material for launch of a brand new packaging solution. The launch material included brochures, factsheets and exhibition material.
Tvilum Scanbirk got a new name, new visuel identity and one united brand. Read about the collaboration between Inclusive and Tvilum here
ReSound got a new visuel identity and some new online tools. Read more about the collaboration and ReSound.
Contour had created a new design for packaging and operator's manual plus a new and reinforced communications- and identity concept. Read more about the partnership with Contour.
Ledreborg Slot got a brand new visuel identity, website and appearance. Look here for more about our collaboration with Ledreborg Slot.
For Brynje we created a new website and alignment of their extern communication. Read more about Brynje and the collaboration...
Inclusive helped Moment to brand-differentiate between their temp- and recruitmentunit which quickly led to increased growth. Read more here.
Inclusive helped Fazility Group to conceptualize their innovative business concept. Read more about Fazility Group and our work with them.