perfect launch

Whereas the company concept & brand work is a continous platform with a clear direction, the launch of new initiatives is an "extra energizer" that can give new business momentum.

Too many companies fail in launching products with success. One reason is that a lot of launches simply will fail, as there is not enough capacity in the markets to take in all new initiatives - and some products are simply not good enough to make people change.

Another is, that the chances of success are not optimized.

With "Perfect Launch" we aim at optimizing the chance of success by using our launch eperience to drive the launch work differently:

  • We work cross functional - to use your competence and align your people
  • We work with you to create "The great customer experience" - and thus make less brochures - we challenge the traditional launch kit.
  • We engage your customers - and learn how to be even better.
  • We want you to be "in control" in the first launch phases - and thus ensure that we reach a "perfect launch"