launch curves

Perfect launch is about optimising the chance of success by

  • running the process towards the launch optimally
  • launching with control and keeping momentum

In the real world we experience many launch curves - maybe you know how they are in your company?

1. Very strong introduction - but something goes wrong. Often the interest is high, sales people are busy running from presentation to presentation, and the "selling-in" runs easy. However the early enthousiasm turns into problems with realization - getting the customers to use the products in their daily business. Often this is discovered too late.

2. Very slow start - and it never reaches expected volume. Seen over the longer periode it does reach some volume, but it simply takes too long, and the missed business is very high. The competitors have every chance to catch up or move ahead. Why does this happen? Lack of internal commitment? Lack of launch investment? Lack of top management confidence?

3. Great launch - but the volume fades too early. It starts just perfect, but the important "learning phase" in the very start of the launch is not used to ensure the relevant activities for keeping up momentum in the market - and internally.