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the launch

Following the Perfect Launch concept means, that a launch is most often not "one" launch. It is a series of controlles phases of the launch. We have expereinced that this is beneficial for many reasons, some of them being:

  • Often there still are some product issues that are not under total control. Too often companies makes "global launches" where product problems kills the launch - and to some extend the credibility of the company.
  • Internal capacity: In BtB the rules is, that there is considerable knowledge involved in the new product/solution. It takes time - and taks time from where sales eanr theri money today.

We normally spilt the launch in different phases. Simply to make sure we are in control if something happens - we want to know it right away. A logbook can be very benefial, where selected customers are asked to communicate about their experience - without making it complicated for them or ourselves.

Before the external launch, the internal launch needs to be taken seriously. But don't start by training them in depth. Start by giving them the same great experience that you want your customers to get. Then train your people in delivering that - and it handling the issues that your expect will come.